Hungry Geese is in the App Store!

This is actually the second app I started working on, but the first that I submitted to the AppStore. Approval took about 10 days, almost as long as it took to make it, but now it’s here! It’s only 99 cents, so check it out. Download Hungry Geese Today!  

NCTM Annual Meeting

NCTM Annual Meeting 2012

In a few days, I’ll be in Philadelphia for the NCTM Annual Meeting. Come see me present! Get ALL Students Communicating Mathematically through Interactive Writing Friday, April 27 @ 9:30-10:30am Session #376 – Room 202 A/B (Convention Center) Math Pop ForumĀ – Angry Parabolas Thursday, April 26 @ 4:30pm – Booth 220 Geometer’s Sketchpad Users GroupĀ –…