ASL Math Tutorials

Since I redid my website layout, I lost the links to my ASL math tutorials, so I thought I would repost them here. These tutorials are about exponents.

Rules for Exponents – Video Tutorial from Christina Foran on Vimeo.

Exponents Practice: Part 1 from Christina Foran on Vimeo.

I get a lot of questions about how I made these videos. First, I did a screen capture of the PowerPoint. I recorded my voice as I went through the PowerPoint. Then I listened to that as I recorded myself signing the lesson in front of my webcam on my MacBook Pro. I recorded in front of a green screen that I made out of green bulletin board paper. For one video, I used picture-in-picture in iMovie to put my signing in front of the PowerPoint. For the other video, I recorded myself writing on my iPad and I overlay the green screen (in iMovie) on to of the screen capture.

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