IXL Practice


  1. Identify Reflection, Rotation, or Translation
  2. Identify the Sequence of Transformations
  3. Classify Congruence Transformations


  1. In the First Quadrant
  2. Follow the Directions: Where do you end?
  3. Distance Between 2 Points – 1st Quadrant
  4. Distance Between 2 Points – Pythagorean Theorem


Graphing Points on the Coordinate Plane

  1. Graph Points in the First Quadrant – Only Positive Coordinates
  2. Graph Points in All Four Quadrants – Positive and Negative Coordinates
  3. Find the Coordinates of Points – Positive and Negative Coordinates
  4. Find the Coordinates of Points – Harder


Previous Projects


Peyton and Alex’s Project

Rashard and Nakia’s Project

Samuel’s Project


Angle Sum Theorem

1. Download the problem, Find_x.

2. Download the GSP sketch: AngleSum.gsp

3. For mini-lesson, print page 14: Triangles.

4. For independent practice, download: AngleSumProblem.

5. For next class’s lesson, download: Apply Angle Theorems.

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