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Achieving our goals is a process, a journey. Knowing the destination is important, but we also need to plan how to get there. The Common Core State Standards gives us a lot of ground to cover. The purpose of this app is to help educators navigate through the standards to select the appropriate pathways that will lead your students to reach their learning goals.

The Navigator organizes the Common Core Standards into topical, sequential “learning pathways.” Six general topics and over 50 subtopics were hand-selected and placed in developmental order. In some cases, the standards were further divided and rephrased to make them more measurable and concise. Each learning pathway reveals related standards from across domains and grade levels and connects to prerequisite skills and future learning.

This app will help teachers in regular and special education develop differentiated learning objectives and standards-based IEPs and lesson plans. Teachers can also use the Navigator with their students to show how how their learning goals connect with these nation-wide standards.

Contents include:

Algebraic Thinking
– Concepts of Equality and Equations
– Patterns
– Writing and Evaluating Expressions
– Equations and Inequalities
– Linear Equations
– Functions
– Simultaneous Linear Equations
– Quadratic Functions
– Exponential Functions
– Radical and Rational Functions
– Polynomial Expressions
– Trigonometric Functions

Numbers and Operations
– Counting
– Basic Addition and Subtraction
– Basic Multiplication and Division
– Understanding Place Value
– Adding and Subtracting Multi-digit Numbers
– Multiplying and Dividing Multi-digit Numbers
– Comparing Quantities
– Exponents and Roots
– Complex Numbers
– Vectors
– Matrices

Fractions and Rational Numbers
– Representing Fractions
– Equivalent Fractions
– Adding and Subtracting Fractions
– Multiplying Fractions
– Dividing Fractions
– Decimals
– Integers and Absolute Value
– Rational Numbers
– Ratios and Proportional Reasoning

– 2D and 3D Shapes
– Measurement and Conversion
– Perimeter, Area, and Volume
– Lines and Angles
– Constructions
– Triangles and Parallelograms
– Circles, Arcs, and Sectors
– Transformations
– Congruence
– Similarity
– Proof
– Conic Sections

Data, Statistics, and Probability
– Collecting Data
– Representing Data
– Analyzing Data
– Probability
– Number Lines and Coordinate Planes

Problem Solving
– Basic Operations
– Estimation
– Measurement
– Perimeter, Area, and Volume
– Graphs and Data
– Fractions and Rational Numbers
– Rates and Proportions
– Expressions and Equations
– Geometry

The Navigator also features the 2012-2013 Tennessee Focus Standards for Mathematics.

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The Common Core State Standards ( referenced in this application were developed by the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO). © Copyright 2010. National Governors Association Center for Best Practices and Council of Chief State School Officers. All rights reserved.

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