Hungry Geese is the first app that I've developed and am ready to submit to the AppStore. I hope to use this blog to share what I have learned along the way. 

Future blog posts may include:
  • Setting up Cocos2d
  • Generating Random Sets of Numbers
  • Using Menus to Move Your App Forward
  • Audio and Background Music
  • Relative Positioning 
  • Programming Your App for both the iPhone and iPad
  • Getting Ready to Submit to the App Store

Additionally, I would also like to learn how to:
  • set up scoring
  • track and report progress
  • create user accounts
  • add random images
  • make my intro menu page scroll
  • use UJAM to make better background music

Hopefully, by documenting my experience creating a Cocos2D game for iOS, I can solidify what I have learned and help other who are just starting out.



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